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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Kiss of Midnight' (A Midnight Breed Novel) by Lara Adrian

“Kiss of Midnight” (A Midnight Breed Novel) by Lara Adrian

This is a FIVE star book! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. Adrian did a great job writing this story. I was so excited when I read that this book was set in Boston, MA. I’m from Boston and I love the idea of sexy vampire men so close by! Usually, all the yummy vampires are too far away! I loved everything about this book though: the setting, the action, and most importantly, the romance. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves Adult Paranormal Romance stories. Also, if you love yummy vampire men, then you’ll like this book…

“…Spiky black hair falling loosely around a broad, intelligent brow and lean, angular cheeks. A strong, stern jaw. And his mouth…his mouth was generous and sensual, even when quirked in that cynical, almost cruel line (Kindle 3%).”

Yeah…I think that can qualify as yummy! I’ll take it!

Main characters Lucan Thorne and Gabrielle Maxwell fell so strongly in love after a short few weeks of knowing each other. It was instant and intense. Before they even officially met, Lucan knew they would be together.

“And in the back of his mind, an ancient conscience whispered that whoever she was, she already belonged to him (Kindle 6%).”

Lucan met Gabrielle the night she witnessed six Rogue vampires attacking one human man outside a Boston nightclub. Gabrielle’s quick thinking of taking cellphone pictures of the attack while running away was the only thing that saved her from being the Rogue’s next meal. The camera’s flash momentarily blinded the Rogues, allowing her to get away for the police station, and for Lucan to step in and kill them off. Lucan was very enticed by Gabrielle’s unique jasmine scent, so when he was finished with the Rogues he tracked her home and pretended to be a detective. Nobody at the police station believed what Gabrielle said about the attack. Human eyes cannot track vampire speed, among other things, so they could not make out the cellphone pictures while Gabrielle could see everything clearly. She was immune to the vampires’ power over human minds. That night at her house with Lucan, they hit it off big time. One thing led to the next, and you know the rest. Lucan initially planned to use Gabrielle as that night’s Host, someone who vampires drink blood from, but then he noticed her Breedmate’s mark, a tear drop falling into the bowl of a crescent moon. Eventually, Gabrielle was told that she was a Breedmate and she felt that explained why she never felt like she was a part of the world, unless she was photographing it. Even those pictures turned out to be vampire related- they were Rogue lairs.

In the vampire world, there are two types of vampires: the Breed, and the Rogues. The Breed descends from eight ancient alien warriors. They crash landed on Earth and had to learn to survive in their new world. Their bodies were too advanced for human food, so they fed off of human blood. They were savages and wiped out entire populations. The Ancients, by chance, impregnated some human females-the first Breedmates- and so began the creation of a new vampire race, the Breed. Lucan was among the first generation of vampires, therefore known as Gen One. The Breed lives in Darkhavens, sanctuaries, around the world, and feed off of Hosts when they need to. The Host never remembers the occurrence because the vampire erases the memory. When vampires drink too much blood and kill, and cross the line to Bloodlust, they become Rogues. Bloodlust is the disease of blood addiction. It compares to how humans can get addicted to narcotics; the Breed can become addicted to Blood. Gen Ones are at the highest risk for Bloodlust because they have the strongest hunger. Rogues are very distinct in appearance. They have long fangs that constantly drip saliva and permanent vertical slits for pupils. Breed warriors, like Lucan, dedicate their lives to hunting down and killing Rogues, so that the Breed’s existence remains a secret and innocent humans were not murdered or turned into Minions. Minions’ are humans whose minds are complete slaves to their Rogue Master. Lucan and his warriors use specially made titanium-steel weapons to kill the Rogues. The steel poisons the Rogue’s overactive blood system and kills them very quickly.

“…quick cellular decomposition from oozing acidic pulp to incinerated ash (6%).”

Because Gabrielle has photographs of every Rogue lair, witnessed a Rogue attack, and is a Breedmate, she is wanted by the Rogue Master. Can Lucan’s warrior skills and love for Gabrielle keep her safe from the enemy? Read Lara Adrian’s “Kiss of Midnight” and see if Gabrielle and Lucan’s love can prevail over the evil and monstrous enemy Rogues.

“’I love you, Gabrielle. With every ounce of life in me, I love you’ (95%).”

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