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Monday, August 20, 2012


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed reading “Dancing Naked in Dixie” by Lauren Clark. This Chick Lit book is a must-have for the summer – a total beach read. The characters and story line were great; I found myself interested in this book right away. I loved the romance, suspense, and humor that Ms. Clark fused together. This book definitely deserves a 4 STAR rating; I would read more of Lauren Clark’s work and recommend “Dancing Naked in Dixie” to readers who enjoy Contemporary Romance and Chick Lit.

Julia Sullivan is a fast-paced travel journalist. She is always on the go, jumping from one great story to the next. But, after too many mistakes and missed deadlines Julia’s new boss threatens to fire her. After receiving another chance, Julia is sent to Eufaula, Alabama to cover a story that is a lot slower paced than she is used to. Eufaula “The Heart of Dixie” Alabama turns out a lot different than she anticipated though; there is culture to learn, love to experience, and mysteries to solve.

I really liked this book! As I said, it pulled me in right away; the storyline’s dynamic was brilliant. I can see myself enjoying the rest of Lauren Clark’s books. You should definitely check out “Dancing Naked in Dixie” if you are looking for that perfect book to read at the beach this summer – or even curled up by a fireplace in the winter, it’d be great no matter what!

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Cameo Renae, your debut novel is a HIT – you nailed it! You wrote an amazing story and added an amazing cover. This is a great Young Adult story that deals with such strong emotions and heavy issues. There are feelings of love, loyalty, grief, fear, and more while dealing with relationships, betrayal, death, and danger. I loved the twists incorporated into this story. As soon as I thought everything was falling back into place, BAM! Ms. Renae would throw that twist in there and start the action right back up! This novel was also jam packed with emotions; you just might need some tissues nearby while you’re reading. The author would add in some humor at just the right time to help balance out your tears though. If you like YA Paranormal Romance, then I would definitely recommend this book to you. Overall, I give “In My Dreams” by Cameo Renae 4.5 STARS!

The summary can tell you about the book, but I will briefly reiterate it for you.

Seventeen year old Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hayes and best friend/boyfriend Michael Young have loved each other for most of their lives. On the day of their fourth anniversary, the always punctual Michael was late. Lizzy fell asleep and had a vision of Michael dying only to be awakened with the news that he really did die. When Lizzy was a young child she used to have premonitions in the form of dreams of people dying. The dreams had stopped for years and resurfaced the night of Michael’s death. From that point on, Lizzy had dreams of Michael where they would have real contact with each other (it was easier for new spirits to make contact through dreams). Michael refused to crossover to his afterlife until he was sure Lizzy was safe. He was murdered and Michael knew his murderer was coming after Lizzy; he would do whatever it takes to make sure she was safe. Will Michael’s murderer catch up to Lizzy? Can Lizzy stay safe and survive with the help of Michael? Will her dreams of him give her the strength that she needs to go on? Or will Lizzy be joining Michael in death sooner rather than later? Find out in “In My Dreams” by Cameo Renae!

Okay, this 4.5 STAR book is a great read! I really liked it, and I think that if you normally like YA novels you would like this book as well – especially if you are into the Paranormal Romance genre. I thought the love story between Lizzie and Michael was beautiful – simply amazing, it is a love that everyone dreams of experiencing; I certainly wish I could find that kind of love. I also enjoyed the supporting characters, such as Lizzy’s best friend Emily. Emily is so full of life and she made me laugh, and I also liked her because she believed in the paranormal. I appreciated the lessons that this story taught readers as well. The loyalties were great between the characters, but when betrayals did occur we learned that sometimes forgiveness is best.

I suggest adding “In My Dreams” by Cameo Renae to your TBR (to be read) list.


  1. Thanks so much for reading In My Dreams, and for the wonderful review!!! <3

    1. It was my pleasure! And I was just being honest in my review, your book really was great! I cannot wait for the sequel :-) I know it'll be awesome!

  2. Thank you so much Brianna! What a wonderful review to start my Tuesday! I am thrilled that you liked the story and characters. I'm just back from Eufaula (book signing) and the folks there are anxiously awaiting a sequel! (Eeek!) No pressure, right??? LOL

    xx, Lauren

    1. They must have loved you being there! I understand why they want a sequel, your book was great :-) just do it when your ready though, us readers will love it no matter the release date!


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