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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 STAR REVIEW: "Angels of the Knights - Fallon"

I could not put this 5 STAR book down – I read it in one day! “I’m just going to read one more line…” (YEAH RIGHT!) One more line turned into the whole book. It was just sooo good! It was a YA Paranormal Romance. I think EVERYONE should be checking out Valerie Zambito’s books right now! I cannot wait until the second book in this series, “Angels of the Knights – Blane” comes out because I will most definitely want to read and review that one too. I also added her “Island Shifters” series to my “To Be Read” list because I love her writing style so much. Yup, she is just that good! Oh yeah – the cover was absolutely beautiful! So, that pretty much covers it, every aspect of “Angels of the Knights – Fallon” completely rocks!
This book is about a girl named Fallon Angell whom died in a home invasion when she was just 16 years old along with the rest of her family. When she arrived in Emperica (Heaven) she was an Angel but had to choose a specific caste of Angels that she wanted to join. The choices were: the Patrit Caste (main society angels), Sentinel Caste (guardian angels), Aegian Caste (Emperica’s guides), and the Knight Caste (warrior angels). Fallon immediately chose to become a Knight so she could aid the Creator (God) in his battle against evil, as well as for her own personal reason. Knights have to train for 30 plus years in Emperica before returning to Earth to fight and destroy the evil Kjin. A Kjin is “’Pure evil. Before Mordeaux, or hell, was sealed centuries ago, demons were unleashed into the world and, to this day, they continue to walk the earth causing death and destruction’” (Page 6). Before a Knight returns to earth, their angel wings are clipped so they can appear human. They are giving an Aventi, a sword of light, and also a Kur (activates the Aventi and alerts the Knights of Kjin) to defeat the evil demons. The Kjin appear to be regular humans because the bodies are human, while the demon possesses their soul. Fallon Angell is one of the best warriors in the Knight Caste. She has killed so many Kjin that they have taken notice.
Fallon has never really fit in with the people on Earth because she died in 1978 and things are a lot different in the new millennium. Though she appears to be 19 years old, she is really a 50 year old woman. She was always used to being alone – until she met former cop Kade Royce. There was an instant connection between Fallon and Kade and their relationship moved super-fast. Fallon was reluctant to get in a relationship because she didn’t want Kade put in danger being in her world. Kade wanted to fight right alongside of her though, and she finally agreed. While experiencing the perks of love, Fallon is still battling the Kjin. There has been a lot of unusual activity with the Kjin and it is Fallon’s job to find out why. Well, Fallon and Kade’s job to find out why, but Fallon still wants to keep Kade safe and protect him from evil. Come to find out, the danger was already so close to Kade and he never even knew. Will Fallon and Kade’s relationship survive the dangers of the world? Will Kade’s life survive the dangers? Will Fallon’s…?

Ahhh! I just loved this book! My little summary there cannot even do this book justice. You just have to go and read it yourself. Valerie Zambito is definitely going to be a best-selling author; I think she already deserves a spot. This book elicited so many emotions from me. I found myself smiling, and routing for Fallon and Kade’s love, but I also found myself angry and shocked. It was great. It has been some time now that a book provoked any emotion for me other than the fact that I liked it or I didn’t. But with this book, just when you thought you found out what was going on and who did what, Zambito turned it around and threw another twist in my face. I loved it. I was all, “What?!”…”Oh, wow!”…”Wait, What?!”. As for Fallon and Kade’s relationship, I loved it. At first, I was thinking – “Wow Kade, you waste no time going for what you want” and was surprised how fast the relationship developed. But then, I realized it didn’t matter if it took one day or one year, these two were meant for each other. They are both very special people and they definitely belonged together. I was routing for their love the entire time, through the good and the bad. You are just going to have to read the book and find out what happened with their relationship though.

Okay, now that you are done reading my review…GO BUY THIS BOOK! NOW! Thank you Valerie Zambito for an EXCELLENT 5 STAR READ!

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