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Monday, August 13, 2012

5 STAR REVIEW: "Reign of Blood" - Alexia Purdy

Kick-Ass Cover!

“Reign of Blood” by Alexia Purdy

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Alexia Purdy is AWESOME! She wrote an incredible 5 STAR book! I loved the characters, the setting, the action, the romance, the TWISTS! Wow, this book just has so much everything. I always wanted to check out Alexia Purdy’s work, and let’s just say…I am totally glad I did! I will most definitely check out her other books – they are all going to be on my TBR (to be read) list! So, if you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic books, “Reign of Blood” is for you. It’s different than most though, because the world wasn’t taking over by zombies but by feral vampires! Yup, I said FERAL vampires… not the Twilight kind of vampires.

A virus wiped out the whole world’s human population. A year later, the only known humans were April Tate, her younger brother Jeremy, and her mother Helen. Together, they survive the ruins of Las Vegas, Nevada. They venture out in the day to gather supplies and such because the vampires cannot be in sunlight – they disintegrate into ash. It still is very risky though because the ferals can hide in the shadows of the buildings, which has caused April to fight back and kill them – she is a kick-ass vampire hunter. April and her family are usually semi-safe once they make it back to their bunker in the mountains before nightfall.

“…Now nothing but silence and blood reigned once the sun went down (Kindle 70%).”

Everything changed for April when one day her mother and brother disappeared from broad daylight. Nothing made sense or added up as to how they could have disappeared. April spent her days searching everywhere for her family, desperate to find the only two souls that matter to her. Soon, April finds out that there are more ‘beings’ in the city besides the ferals and her family. There are hybrid vampires. These hybrids speak, feed off other vampire’s blood instead of humans, and have reasoning skills – besides the bloodsucking and certain vampiric physical characteristics; they can almost be mistaken for humans. Every time April thinks she knows what is going on and gets a hang of things, another twist is thrown at her. She realizes that not all the hybrids are bad – some are even willing to help her, like Miranda and Rye; others not so much. After not having any social contact with anyone for so long, conversation with anyone can be tempting – especially when said company has information about April and her family. But can April trust the hybrids? Can she so much as become friends with some of them? Or are they just as bad as the ferals, if not worse? Find out these answers and SO MUCH MORE in Alexia Purdy’s “Reign of Blood” now!

Wow! This was an exciting read. I love April; she is such a kick-ass heroine! I hope I could be as strong and badass as her if I were ever a survivor of a vampire apocalypse – or any apocalypse for that matter. I just loved everything about her; I don’t have any complaints for the “Reign of Blood” protagonist. I liked the supporting cast as well; Rye was a favorite of mine. I hope there is a sequel to this book so that I could read more about him. I also wanted to know more about what really happened with April’s family. I was expecting a little more about her family at the end of the book, but if there is a sequel I am sure I will read more about them there! I loved the ending though because it left me satisfied but also aching for more, which is my favorite type of ending to a book. I love this book and I can’t wait for more! Go check out “Reign of Blood” by Alexia Purdy now!

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