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Thursday, October 25, 2012

4.5 STAR REVIEW: "In the Land of Winter" by Margaret Sarah Bechtel

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book was great! I truly love Margaret Sarah Bechtel's writing! I have read another book by her before called "Learning in the Dark" and it was AMAZING! You can see my review for that 4.5 STAR book here. I am going to rate "In the Land of Winter" 4.5 STARS as well. I look forward to more books by Ms. Bechtel in the future because she is such a talented writer. Her stories are very deep and heartfelt; she absolutely knows how to make her readers feel. The real life issues just pulled me in and will pull you in too!

Main characters Kate and Lex have an instant connection when they meet on an airplane on their way to Scotland. Lex is genuinely a good person who immediately felt something for Kate. Kate is a very guarded and negative person but even she could not deny her attraction to Lex. Then, out of nowhere it seems, their plane goes down and crashes into the North Sea. The only survivors: Kate and Lex.

They spend months trying to survive in the brutally cold and wet weather, while also recovering from life threatening injuries. Fortunately, some small miracles were granted to Kate and Lex. They had the shelter of an old abandoned light house as well as a few convenient necessities for their survival.

Want to know everything that happened to them after their plane crashed? Find out how they survived initially and if they ever managed to make it off the island. Read the excellent book "In the Land of Winter" by Margaret Sarah Bechtel for all these answers and more!

I really enjoyed everything about this book. I loved the characters, the setting, and the plot - I loved all the surprises and twists too. Right when you thought their bad luck had to turn, something awful would happen again! The author sure knows how to keep us readers on the edge of our seats! I was routing for Kate and Lex the entire time. Kate was the pessimistic one, not even wanting to make it off the island; while Lex was positive and keeping his faith that they would be rescued. Lex was the perfect guy too; he was smart, successful, handsome, and understanding. Kate was constantly stuck in her own prison, traumatized from past events in her life. Her problems definitely made her a challenging person to be around, and her misery tended to drag people down with her. Eventually, Lex made her feel again - which wasn't always a good thing in Kate's case. I wanted Lex to break through Kate's shell and I wanted Kate to allow Lex in. I could see that they were made for each other and I wanted Kate to see that she was allowed to be loved. I know a lot of people would probably find Kate to be an annoying character because of all her problems, but her problems are what made me like her. I actually feel like I can relate to her and want her to have a happily ever after.

So, go on and check out the awesome story "In the Land Of Winter" by Margaret Sarah Bechtel. This 4.5 STAR book will not disappoint you; or at least it did not disappoint me! You should also add Margaret Sarah Bechtel's other work to your TBR (To Be Read) list!

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