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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

*Three 5 STAR REVIEWS!!*

I received this book originally through NetGalley, and I am writing my honest opinion in this review.
Another absolutely fabulous book from Colleen Hoover! It was an amazing sequel to “Slammed” and this time from Will’s point of view. I loved being able to experience this book through his perspective. I loved reading “Slammed” through Lake’s point of view, so it was great to see Will’s side of things this time around. Just as in “Slammed,” this book was full of real emotions and experiences. The happy and sad, the good and bad. I wasn’t bawling like a big baby while reading this novel, but that was good because Will and Lake deserve some happiness. Of course, there were the bad and emotional times though; it would not be a Colleen Hoover novel without extreme emotions – no matter if they were good or bad. I love the angst in this series. I am a glutton for books with lots and lots of angst, but I also love the happily ever afters at the same time.
Reading this book (as well as “Slammed”) makes me really think. It made me get into that mind frame of “what if?” The “what if that happened to me?” thought process. Granted, I am a 20-something adult with no younger siblings and I already have a young daughter and then two nephews that I help raise so I am already taking care of kids. But, I cannot picture losing both my parents now, never mind at such a young age and have all that responsibility on my shoulders. I think it was great that Will and Lake both stepped up to the plate to care for their younger siblings even though there were other options for them. They threw away their youth for what was best for their brothers. Their love was unconditional and inspiring. I was happy that they found love and support in each other and ever since “Slammed” I was routing for their happily ever after. I am not going to tell you if they got it or not though…that would just give away the ending and I can’t do that to you!
As usual with Colleen Hoover’s novels, my jaw dropped a few times. I gasped, and I yelled. I was happy and I was angry. That is how much she pulls me into these stories. They are real and they are great. I was so mad at some of Lake’s insecurities, but as a female I also understood them. I would have felt the same way as Lake in certain parts of “Point of Retreat.” There were parts where I just wanted to yell for them to get on with it and be together…like TOGETHER-together, if you know what I mean. Then I would be happy that they were smart and it was always so cute when they were just innocently with each other. I always wanted Lake and Will to be happy and have everything be perfect so I got mad if things weren’t going as I hoped and ecstatic when things were going well. I love when I get so emotionally invested in a book as if it is my life. It means it’s a must-read book.
“Point of Retreat” was a 5 STAR novel. I would personally prefer to give it higher than 5 STARS if I could – just like “Slammed.” 5 STARS just doesn’t seem good enough…it feels inadequate. Ms. Colleen Hoover is just butterflying fabulous! Once again, I feel like I cannot write a review that will give this book justice. “Point of Retreat” (and “Slammed”) is just one of those books that you need to read within your lifetime…preferably soon.

"Hopeless" by Colleen Hoover

I was loaned this book from a friend through Amazon and will buy this book immediately when the print edition is released!

COLLEEN HOOVER DID IT AGAIN!! Of course she did! I knew she would. I bet every single book she ever writes will be a favorite of mine. After all, she is one of my favorite authors for a reason. “Hopeless” is a new novel that has nothing to do with the “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat” books. “Hopeless” is not a Young Adult novel, but an adult book. It is in the great new genre known as NEW ADULT – one of my personal favorite genres now. There is sex, swearing, and some very emotional topics such as abuse. I have to be careful with this review because it is imperative that I don’t give ANYTHING away. It just wouldn’t be right knowing anything except what is on the back cover of the book. In order to get the full effect of “Hopeless,” you need to read this book without reading any spoilers first. You need to experience all the shocks, surprises, and twists first hand. I would love to talk about this book with a fellow “Hopeless” fan though because it was just soooo great and deep and fabulous. It was just one of those books that completely threw me into an emotional frenzy. I love books that do that to me! There is nothing like it!

“Hopeless” is full of everything that makes a New Adult book fabulous. Every emotion imaginable is displayed on these pages. The anguish throughout this novel is so thick, it is just a constant. Besides all the angst and insecurities, there is also love and happiness. Sometimes people’s pasts just make it really difficult to find that love and happiness though. Unfortunately, this is the case for both Sky and Holder. They had such tough lives growing up, except Sky didn’t even realize it at first. Trauma can do some really crazy things to the human brain – like make them forget. After Sky meets Holder, some of those buried memories will rise to the surface. Things will be explained, but other memories Sky wishes would just stay buried. At times she wishes she could have continued to live in ignorance about her past. That just isn’t possible anymore though. Sky and Holder need to remain strong for one another as more secrets are revealed about both of their pasts. Holder thought he knew his whole past, but as Sky’s past is revealed Holder learns more about his own as well. They both are finally getting answers, even ones they didn’t know they were looking for.

This 5 STAR book is a must-read in my opinion! Everything about it absolutely rocked. All the emotions, all the secrets, all the happiness, and all the love were magnificent. Sky and Holder felt so real to me the entire time I was reading “Hopeless.” Even the supporting cast felt real to me. Everyone was great. Even the characters that you wanted to absolutely strangle…they were real too. Throughout this entire novel, I swear my mouth was just hanging open. I think it was stuck that way because of all the shocks in this book. I couldn’t even handle all the twists and turns. Right when I thought I was recovering from one surprise, and even BIGGER one was thrown at me. I think Colleen Hoover could be a professional pitcher with all those curveballs! Phew! I have been done with this book for a while and it still affects me. I honestly couldn’t even write this review right away. I was just stuck thinking about this book. Though I would talk about it to anyone who would listen. I think my mom was a little tired of hearing about it, haha. I just kept saying “Oh My Gosh!!” over and over. I love when a book can get such a reaction out of me. It was so genuine. I loved it. I know I am rambling right now, but that always happens to me when I read such a fantastic book. I don’t even know what to say about it because I feel like words can’t even describe it. It is one of those books that you must read. If I could, I would give “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover 10 STARS. Her writing style is always worthy of 10 STARS to me. Keep it up Colleen! You Rock!

If you enjoy the
New Adult genre then check this book out! Also, if you like to read books with strong emotion, this book is for you. Colleen Hoover fans: make sure you read this book you will not be disappointed! Just remember that this book is not a Young Adult novel like “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat.” There are very adult subject matters throughout the entire novel.


"The Edge of Never" by J.A. Redmerski

I own this book and this review is based solely on my opinion.

This fabulous novel was by far one of my favorite books of 2012, and one of my favorite books ever. I loved everything about it. I won this book in a “25 Days of Christmas” giveaway from Maryse’s Book Blog. I was so excited when I found out I won! I have found many great reads from her Blog and this book happened to be one of her favorites as well, and I just knew that I would love it too. And, I will tell you that it did not disappoint – I really did love it. I loved all the emotion: the angst and inner turmoil, the insecurities, and the happiness. There were such heavy issues in this book, like death and dying, heartbreak and love, failure and acceptance. I just loved every second of this book, and it definitely deserves 5 STARS. If I could rate this book more than 5 STARS I would. J.A. Redmerski did a wonderful job writing this novel, and I will definitely read more of her books in the future. Fans of the New Adult genre must read this book!

Twenty-year-old Cameron Bennett is sick of waking up and doing the same thing every day. She is tired of doing what society expects of her because it is the “normal” thing to do. Cameron wants to do something that will make herself happy for once. She swore off love and pledged to never go there again when the love of her life died in a car accident. She has a best friend, but that doesn’t mean she really understands Cam. A big fight with her best friend was just the breaking point on top of everything else in Cam’s life that Cam decided to get up, get on a bus, and see where life takes her. With a random decision to travel to Idaho, Cam meets an interesting and good-looking guy named Andrew on the bus. He is traveling to Wyoming to deal with matters from his own life, so they end up being on the bus together for a while and get to know each other. When they part ways, Cam gets into a bad situation and miraculously Andrew makes it back just in time to save her. From that point on, Cam and Andrew end up traveling together. Andrew has the same idea about breaking free from society’s expectations as Cam does. This makes them the perfect pair for traveling on the open road together. They both have their own reasons for not falling in love, but there is such a strong and genuine connection between them…even they cannot deny it.

I loved every second of Cam and Andrew’s road trip. I specifically loved how I got to see their trip through both their perspectives. Sometimes multiple points of view don’t work in a book, but it totally worked in “The Edge of Never.” I think J.A. Redmerski’s choice to do this helped make the book as good as it was. I’m sure it would’ve rocked anyway with only one point of view…but it REALLY rocked with both! I loved watching both Cam and Andrew grow individually and as a pair. It was nice how much they complimented each other. This book had its share of surprises, but one particular shock literally had my jaw drop. You will know exactly which bomb I’m talking about when you read it. There is no possibility of missing it. It’s just too big, and well…shocking!

There really is not much else I can say about this book. It’s just one of those stories that you need to read. I can’t say anything that will give the story away because that’d be horrible of me! You just have to read the book and see how awesome it is for yourself. I would be happy to have a spoiler discussion about the book afterwards with another fan! This book was one that made me think and it is definitely one you want to talk about. New Adult fans need to read this book, you will not be disappointed in this 5 STAR read!

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  1. Can I say OMG x3 or nth time? :)
    I love how you post your reviews, it's just natural for you to tell what you think and in a casual way. I've read Hopeless and I was also like that, anyone who's willing to listen will have their ears bleed because I can't stop ranting about it for weeks; my friends ended up knowing the whole book because I told them EVERYTHING! =))

    I read The Edge of Never last year, it was the best 2012 read for me, and I had my jaw-dropped when J.A. Redmerski commented on my post :"> I know you can feel such butterflies whenever an author acknowledges your post, right? I can't wait for The Edge of Always!!! :D


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