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Monday, April 1, 2013

COVER REVEAL: "Cautious" - E.L. Montes

*I am VERY EXCITED to help REVEAL the COVER to "CAUTIOUS" - book two of the "Disastrous" series by E.L. Montes. And what's really cool about this reveal, is that it's so unique. The cover is being revealed through this book trailer below. I'll post the cover shortly after this post goes live, but this reveal is going to happen a bit untraditionally. I LOVE IT! I think the idea of the reveal within the video is soo awesome. If you want to see the cover revealed traditionally, then just check back to this same post later in the day, and the cover will be added. I am happy to help E.L. Montes out. She is so cool and down-to-earth. I met her at the Boston Author Event and bought a book from here, got some swag, and got her autograph. I also signed a poster she had for herself, it was freakin' awesome. So, make sure you watch the video. If you skip it, then you'll miss the cover reveal. Unless you come back later to see it. There is also an international giveaway posted below through Rafflecopter that you'll definitely want to enter. Check everything out, and ENJOY!*


Now that the Book Trailer has been revealed to everyone, I can post the still-images of the cover! I have the ebook cover and the full print cover! Check it out:

International Giveaway: 

(For a $50 Gift Card for either Amazon or B&N)

Synopsis of Cautious (Disastrous #2):

Marcus and Mia share a LOVE stronger than others, but their relationship was built on LIES and deceit.

Cautiously they continue to struggle for what they desire more than anything, each other.

Though, that comes with a price … one that involves more HEARTBREAK and deception.

Can they survive another disastrous path? Is their love strong enough to defeat all the obstacles, all of the BETRAYAL?

Not all broken relationships are repairable, but Marcus and Mia try their hardest to fight for themselves and for each other.

Goodreads - "Cautious" 

Author Bio:

E.L. Montes lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their English bulldog. She has a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and works full-time as a paralegal. She always loved writing and finally placed time aside to debut her first novel, Disastrous, in the fall of 2012.

Author Contact Links:

*Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this unique cover reveal! I know I did! =D It was a really cool idea. I think people will probably use this idea, and we will start seeing it more often. Don't forget to enter the international giveaway and check out the rest of the giveaways going on at my blog. They are all within the past several posts. Check back to this post later in the day for a still image of the cover. The still-image is being released AFTER this book trailer cover reveal. Happy Reading & Writing!! xxoo*

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