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Sunday, May 12, 2013

GIVEAWAY/EXCERPT: "Silent Orchids" - Morgan Wylie

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 By:  Morgan Wylie
Series: "The Age of Alandria" Book One
Published: 2013 by American Majestic Entertainment
Length: Paperback 238 pages


A dying realm.

The ancient evil of the Droch-Shúil has been unleashed.

The Orchids have been silenced… but for how long?

Daegan, elite of the Ferrishyn warrior tribe of Faeries, is charged with a mission to find the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious new power that could change the fate of all in the realm of Alandria. But he is conflicted by his purpose, and he cannot trust the motives of those he serves. He has too many questions and they must be answered.

Kaeleigh, a girl abandoned as a small child just outside Missoula, Montana, is now 18. She is trying to discover who she is and where she belongs. In her heart, she feels she has family out there… somewhere. Desperate to unravel the mysteries of her past, she embarks on a journey that will forever change her along with her two best friends, Finn and Chel—who have secrets of their own.


(for Silent Orchids: The Age of Alandria~Book One)

As Kaeleigh walked out of the kitchen she looked up, and with a sharp intake of breath, dropped her glass of water. In a panic she started to run to the front door when she remembered she actually knew some fighting moves. Chel’s dad had told her, “Brace your feet. Stare your opponent down, they are in your territory. Don’t let them chase you and don’t let them see your fear.” Oops, too late for that one. Kaeleigh quickly did an about-face in order to face her stalker, who was now sitting, very casually, she noticed, on her couch. She was suddenly angry that he dared to violate her space, her safe home, her territory.
“What are YOU doing here and how the fuck did you get in MY house!” Kaeleigh shouted. She pointed her finger in his face, then lowered it again when she saw how bad she was shaking. Don’t show fear, Kaeleigh! Find my phone. Where’s my phone? Panic was starting to well up in her chest. Breathe. 
“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise,” he said in a quiet, nonthreatening tone with his palms up in surrender. He seemed a little surprised by her reaction. “I can see that I have upset you greatly and would like to explain, if you would give me the chance.”
“You break into my house and you’re surprised that I’m upset? I’m calling the cops,” she said as she patted her pockets looking for her cell phone, only to remember it was on the coffee table in front of the stalker on the couch. Nice.
“I would not advise that,” he said just as quietly and calmly as before as he nodded at her phone.
Kaeleigh, remembering that she still had her land line, bolted over to the phone next to the wall in the opposite direction of her couch. Quickly, she dialed 911. Nothing happened. She hung up and started over again, her fingers shaking, but there was no dial tone, nothing. “You cut my phone lines? You bastard!” She looked at him fiercely in the eyes and the stare-down began.  “Who the hell are you? What did you do to my phone?” she asked, gritting her teeth but not breaking the eye contact. Chel’s dad, Ray, explained how it was important once you were in a stare-down with an opponent not to be the first to look away or you just solidified yourself as submissive to the other party. All right, I can do that.
Laughing and now a little cocky, the stalker stood up from the couch, also not breaking eye contact. “Don’t play that game with me, foolish girl, you will lose.” 
Kaeleigh gasped as she saw flames jump in his eyes, and she looked away out of sheer terror. She found her resolve once more—barely—but decided to be a little more cautious, as she had no idea who or what she was dealing with. Hands on her hips in a show of false bravado, she asked, “What do you want from me?”
With a sigh, he dropped his cockiness and sat back down on the couch. “My name is Daegan. Like I said before, I was sent here to find someone and I was led to you. I’m certain you are the one that needs to come back with me. Honestly, I have probably just as many questions as you do but—”
“I don’t have answers to anyone’s questions,” she interrupted loudly. She began to break down. “Where are you from? Who sent you? This is ridiculous! You have to be insane.” She began to cry. She felt helpless. “Please leave. Please,” she begged softly through her tears.
Daegan leaned forward on the couch, looking directly into Kaeleigh’s tear-filled eyes. “I will tell you what you ask and then I will leave,” he said matter-of-factly. “I am from a realm called Alandria. I was sent here to find you by the Paladin, who are the rulers of Feraánmar, which is my home. It is believed that you are of critical importance to Alandria. I confess that I was looking for someone a little more... well, a little more,” Daegan said thoughtfully, studying her as he spoke. “Like I said before, I have many questions about these things as well. I’m certain there are answers”—he paused—“for both of us.”

© 2013 Morgan Wylie

About Bio:

Morgan Wylie has been writing on and off throughout her growing up years, but started seriously working on her first novel in the Spring of 2009. 7 months pregnant with her first child, she didn't start off with a lot of focused writing time. But Morgan had an epiphany, if you will, and the story flashed before her so she began to write. And she’s still writing. Her debut Young Adult fantasy, SILENT ORCHIDS, will be out this summer.




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  1. I would love to read this book. It is the first in a series and sounds like there are so many secrets to unfold, piquing my curiosity.

    1. Yup! I definitely want to read this book and check out the rest of the series too as it comes out. The idea of all the secrets caught my attention, too!

  2. Thank You so much for having me on your blog today! I appreciate it :)


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