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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY/BLAST: "The Imdalind Series" - Rebecca Ethington

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Joclyn Despain has been marred by a brand on her skin. She doesn't know why the mark appeared on her neck, but she doesn't want anyone to see it, including her best friend Ryland, who knows everything else about her. The scar is the reason she hides herself behind baggy clothes, and won't let the idea of kissing Ryland enter her mind, no matter how much she wants to.

The scar is the reason she is being hunted.

If only she knew that she was.
 If only she had known that the cursed stone her estranged father sent for her 16th birthday would trigger a change in her. Now, she is being stalked by a tall blonde man, and is miraculously throwing her high school bully ten feet in the air.

Joclyn attempts to find some answers and the courage to follow her heart. When Ryland finds her scar; only he knows what it means, and who will kill her because of it.

“Loved the world, the concept, all of the characters (good and bad), and just everything about this story! On to the next one!” -Jena, Shortie Says

“I loved this book from the very first lines… I think it will be hard to move on to another story for a while. -Steele Reviews

“It’s amazing and left me at the edge of my seat through the night as I read.” - Zach’s YA Reviews

On May 15th - 16th Kiss of Fire will be free on Amazon!

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Book 2 in the Imdalind series!

Joclyn is in hiding, hunted by the man she still desperately loves. Ryland is gone, his mind erased, no memory of Joclyn remains. But, Joclyn’s heart desperately begs her to hold out hope. While, in reality the black eyed monster that possesses him, attempts to kill her over and over.

If it wasn’t for Ilyan, Joclyn would be dead by now.

Ilyan. The man who once stalked her, is now Joclyn’s protector, the only thing she has left. He protects Joclyn from the men who seek to end her life, and while she is haunted by dreams where Ryland begs her to break the bond between them.

Ilyan is there. Always there.

Ilyan trains and prepares her, teaching her everything she needs to know in the hope that one day she can avenge Ryland, if not protect herself from him.

And then there is her father.

The man who has never been there, is suddenly responsible for everything. And who he is has made Joclyn into something she never wanted to be.

The Silnį»³.

"If you like magic and paranormal books you NEED to read this series." - Book Briefs

"Eyes of Ember was so amazing! I can't even put into words how amazing. It's Brilliant." - Imagine a World

Get your copy of Eyes of Ember for only $.99! 

Can also be found on Barnes & Noble

Rebecca Ethington is a story teller and author from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been telling
stories since she was small. First, with writing crude scripts, and then in stage with years of
theatrical performances. Rebecca’s first stint into the world of literary writing, The Imdalind
Series, was released in October 2012 and since its release each book has been found in several
top 100 lists on Amazon. Rebecca is a mother to two, and wife to her best friend of 14 years. Her
days are spent writing, running, and enjoying life with her crazy family.


*Thanks for stopping by! I cannot wait to read these books! They look so good! I just added them to my TBR list on Goodreads! Did you? What did you think about these books? Do they look good to you, also? Do you like the covers? I do!! Make sure you enter the giveaway before you leave too! You don't want to miss out on your chance of winning! Happy Reading & Writing!*



  1. I enjoyed reading about the book a lot. Sounds mysterious and amazing.
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    1. It definitely does sound good! I will be reviewing this series soon!

  2. I need to read those book. The excerpt remind me of Mindjack. (the mind erase part) Anyway now i really need to read it!

  3. Thanks so much for your support Brianna! Happy reading!

    1. Your welcome~! Come on back anytime, you are always welcome on my Blog!


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