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Thursday, June 13, 2013

REVIEW/TOUR: "Cautious" - E.L. Montes

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By: E.L. Montes
The Sequel to "Disastrous"


THIS IS THE SEQUEL to 'Disastrous'

Marcus and Mia share a LOVE stronger than others, but their relationship was built on LIES and deceit.

Cautiously, they continue to struggle for what they desire more than anything, each other.

Though, that comes with a price …one that involves more HEARTBREAK and deception.

Can they survive another disastrous path?

Is their love strong enough to defeat all the obstacles, all of the BETRAYAL?

Not all broken relationships are repairable, but Marcus and Mia try their hardest to fight for themselves and for each other.

My Review:

5 out of 5 STARS

 “Cautious” by E.L. Montes

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book is the sequel to E.L. Montes’ debut novel, “Disastrous.” I absolutely loved “Disastrous” and I was so excited to jump right into “Cautious” as soon as I finished it. If I didn’t already know beforehand that “Disastrous” was E.L. Montes’ debut novel...I would never have guessed. She really is a talented writer and definitely knows how to captivate her readers.

E.L. Montes has a way with words, and she especially knows how to grab the reader’s attention. In both “Disastrous” and “Cautious,” the prologue was amazing. Within the first few pages she already had my eyes wide and my mind racing. You know when a book is so good and suspenseful, and you get to that part that is about to reveal everything...and you just can’t read fast enough to find out what happens? I swear that happened to me in the PROLOGUE! I mean, that’s crazy right?! My adrenaline was already pumping that early on in “Cautious.” I knew right then that this book was going to be great, and if possible, even better than the first.

I loved how “Cautious” began right where “Disastrous” ended. This was especially good for me since I started reading book two immediately after book one. It allowed me to continue Marcus and Mia’s story without interruption.

Speaking of Marcus and Mia...I love them! Sexy man + a hot girl = Yes Please! They love each other so much, even through all the craziness that surrounds their lives. I don’t want to give away any spoilers...but if you enjoy romance, drama, and action...specifically mob-action, then you’ll end up loving this book, too.

I would definitely recommend this 5 book! “Cautious” is just that good! “Disastrous” is also a 5 STAR book! Go check them out now! E.L. Montes, you ROCK!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
via Amazon:

E.L. Montes was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, Alex, and their English bulldog. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. She works full time as a paralegal for a mid-size law firm. Although she loves the legal field, writing was always her passion. Her first love for books began with the Goosebumps series as a child. After that she read anything and everything from poetry to short stories. She was passionate about the fictional world and intrigued by the way an author could pull you into a story with just simple words. As a hobby she started writing her own poetry, daily journal entries, and short stories. She actually dreamed of being a journalist and even went as far as researching colleges to earn a degree in Journalism. At the time, major newspaper companies and magazines were having budgets cut, and after careful thought she settled on another major. When she finished her degree, she felt like something was missing. She continued to write for several years, working on different story ideas, but never finished. Disastrous is her first novel. 


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*Thanks for stopping by! I am honored to be a part of this blog tour! I love E.L. Montes! Not only is she a great writer, but she is a great person! I met her in Boston at the Boston Author Event, and she was awesome! She signed my print copy of DISASTROUS and I was just soo excited! I would love to hear what you thought of the cover, blurb, and my review. Have you read DISASTROUS or CAUTIOUS? Do you plan to? Are they already on your TBR list? Let's hear it! And do not forget to enter the giveaway! Not only do you have the chance to win an ebook of CAUTIOUS, but you have the chance of winning an iPAD MINI!! How cool is that? Pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me! So make sure to enter that now! Happy Reading & Writing!*



  1. Crystal i cant wait to read this

  2. Would love to win!

  3. Yes,I have read Disastrous...I thought it was great I'm excited to read book 2 Cautious to see Marcus and Mia's's on by TBR list...thanks for the giveaway...

    1. I loved Disastrous too! Cautious was great, you'll like it!


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