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Sunday, September 22, 2013

GIVEAWAY/REVIEW: "Relinquishing Liberty" - Maureen Mayer

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"Relinquishing Liberty"

Series: Second Chances, Book #1
By: Maureen Mayer
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: August 26th, 2013


On the outside, Liberty Davis appeared to have it all…a loving family, a tight knit circle of friends, and a bright future ahead of her. Everything was perfect. That is until her brother tragically took his own life, turning her whole world upside down.

Left to pick up the pieces of her broken family, Liberty is faced with focusing all of her attention on helping her parents cope with the loss of their son, while putting her own life on the back burner. But what no one seems to realize is that she is just as broken inside.

Now, four years later, twenty year old Liberty is taking back the reins of her life. She leaves behind everything she’s ever known, hoping to make a fresh start…one where she isn’t faced with the constant reminder that her brother is nothing more than faded memory. What she didn’t expect to find along the way was Shayne.

Tall, dark and tattooed, Shayne Thompson has developed quite a reputation for being a player. Despite everyone’s negative perception, Liberty still finds herself drawn to him. When she learns that Shayne knows all too well what it feels like to lose someone you love, she finds that they have a lot more in common than just a physical attraction.

When Liberty discovers a secret from Shayne’s past that threatens to tear them apart, she begins to question everything she’s ever felt for him. Will Liberty choose to follow her heart or will she give up the one person who finally made her feel whole again?

**This story contains language and sexual scenes, some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers.**

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After stripping down and loading the tub up with a hefty amount of vanilla scented bubble bath, I sank down into the steamy pool of bubbles and let out a heavy sigh, releasing all of the tension I had pent up inside. It felt good to finally be able to relax after such a physically and mentally exhausting day.
Lying there, my thoughts drifted to my upcoming date with Shayne. I hated the fact that we couldn’t see each other day, but I completely understood; he had a real job and that came first. Still, I found myself missing him something fierce. It was strange to develop such a strong connection with someone in just mere weeks. I wasn’t used to wanting…no…needing to be around someone so much. In fact, I had become a borderline hermit after AJ died, so this was a completely new feeling for me.
I closed my eyes and thought back to the night of our first date. I pictured myself there again, lying on the beach, straddling his hips and listening to the crashing waves swallow my cries of ecstasy as I brought myself to climax. That delectable warmth began to pool deep in belly again, causing a pulsing sensation to build between my legs. I knew there was no chance of it going away without relieving it myself. What I wouldn’t give for Shayne to be right here, right now to take care of it for me…and then he was. Was I hallucinating?
He knelt down beside the tub and took in the view before him. His tongue dipped out, slowly licking his bottom lip, while his eyes ran over my wet, naked body. The bubbles had begun to dissipate, and I felt entirely exposed. Shayne had never seen me completely bare before him, and I became anxious and aroused just thinking about it.
“Tell me what you want, Liberty. I need to hear you say the words, sweetheart.” His hand reached out to brush away the damp strands of hair shielding my face.
“You, Shayne. I want you…I need you. Please.” My body was on the verge of violently combusting. I was desperate to feel his touch. Begging and pleading for him to bring on my release.
“Where do you want me, sweetheart? Where do you ache?”
“You know where, Shayne. Please…touch me.” I seriously felt like I was going to die if he didn’t touch me this very instant!
Shayne’s smile was drenched with desire as he gave me a knowing look. His hand dipped below the water, beginning at my throat and trailing down the valley between my breasts. He cupped one of my firm globes, caressing and encompassing it with his large, rough, calloused hand. Pinching my already diamond-hard nipple between his thumb and finger, he applied just enough pressure to cause a shockwave of pleasure to flood straight down to my swollen nub. He made sure to give my remaining breast just as much attention, and I felt like putty beneath his skilled hands.
His hand continued along its tantalizing journey, moving further south to sweep over my fluttering stomach. When he finally reached his destination, he was in no hurry to get the job over with. His fingertips gently grazed over the surface of my smooth mound, and I was panting in anticipation. The second his fingers disappeared between my slick folds I almost completely lost it. His fingers ran up and down, collecting my juices until they coated my throbbing clit. His fingers danced in slow, steady circles, gradually picking up the pace until I was biting my lip so hard I thought I drew blood. The sensation was out of this world, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.
When I was just about ready to let go, he dipped two fingers inside me, continuing to draw circles over my hypersensitive clit with his thumb. He moved in and out of me, over and over, until I could feel my insides begin to quiver and tighten up around his fingers. He took that as a signal to curl his long digits against my inner walls, causing my back to arch out of the water and scream out his name. I continued to ride out the wave of pleasure until my breathing steadied and my body relaxed into the now tepid bath water.
A knock at the door caused my eyes to shoot open, and I bolted up, splashing water all over the floor. What the—
“You okay in there, Liberty? You’ve been in there for almost an hour, and the pizza’s getting cold.” Shit! I couldn’t let Maddie catch me with Shayne in here.
“Oh, um, yeah. Sorry about that. I’ll be out in a sec.” I looked around the bathroom, and Shayne was nowhere in sight. Where the hell did he go? Had I seriously imagined the entire thing? I guess it was possible that I had fallen asleep… But there’s no way I could have felt that if I wasn’t awake. I stood up from the tub, and as I reached for a towel, I noticed that my fingers were drenched…and not with water. Holy shit, I actually masturbated in my sleep! What the fuck! And I imagined it was Shayne the whole time!


"Relinquishing Liberty" was a good read. I enjoyed it a lot, and read it fairly quickly. I didn't want to put it down, and hated when I had to. If it were up to me, I would've read this book straight through! But, you know...those responsibilities and commitments in life get in the way sometimes ;)

Maureen Mayer did a good job developing these characters. The synopsis tells what the story is about, so I won't waste anyone's time by reiterating what you already know.

I loved Liberty and Shayne. I was routing for their love from the beginning. Once I was introduced to Shayne, I wanted him and Liberty together. He was hot, and I loved the steamy romance!

"Relinquishing Liberty" was full of emotions and drama! It was a great Romance Novel and I am eagerly looking forward to the second book in the Second Chances series. I would recommend Maureen Mayer's book to readers who enjoy New Adult Contemporary Romance stories with great characters and chemistry!


Book Soundtrack:
from Maureen Mayer

"Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to ‘Relinquishing Liberty’ with us?"

I tried to put these songs in order of when I’d hear them play while reading the book:

Band of Horses – The Funeral
Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
An Honest Year – Starting Over
Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me
Cary Brothers – Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Andrew Belle ft. Erin Mccarley – In My Veins
Erin McCarley – What I Needed
Sara Bareilles – Gravity
Cary Brothers – Free Like You Make Me
Skillet – Yours To Hold (Acoustic)
City and Colour – Northern Wind
Paramore – My Heart
Crossfade – Cold
Jason Mraz – I Won't Give Up
Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss
Parachute – She Is Love
Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing
Corey Crowder – When I'm With You
Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me
Lifehouse feat. Natasha Bedingfield– Between The Raindrops
Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love
Adelitas Way – Alive
Erin McCarley – Pitter-Pat
Erin McCarley – Lovesick Mistake
My Darkest Days – Every Lie
Barcelona – Please Don't Go
Rihanna – Stay
Framing Hanley – Alone In This Bed
Parachute – Kiss Me Slowly
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

About the Author:

Maureen Mayer was born, raised and currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her loving and supportive family and boyfriend of 8+ years. She’s always had a love for the outdoors, and when the city isn’t buried under snow, she can be found hiking, fishing, camping or lying on the beach. She’s a sucker for off-color humor, but holds a sweet spot for sick and twisted horror films.

Thanks to authors like J. K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and E. L. James, Maureen has rediscovered her love for reading. When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with her kindle, diving into a steamy romance novel. She is currently working on her first new adult novel and hopes to self-publish it late this summer.

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