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Monday, December 16, 2013

I Have Some Exciting News!


*Hey Everyone!! I am SoOoOo EXCITED!! Want to know why? Well, I'll tell ya' then! I FINISHED writing my book! I sent it off to my editor, and now it is in her hands getting pretty =D 

When I get it back, I'll go through it again until it's perfect, but the STORY IS DONE! I never thought it would actually happen, but I sent it to her yesterday morning. So CRAZY!

Also, this month is when the lovely Sarah Hansen of the fabulous Okay Creations will be designing my cover. I CANNOT WAIT! Every single cover I have ever seen of hers has been beyond amazing, and I know that she will make my cover be stunning.

If everything with edits goes as planned, then I will be releasing my debut novel in the Spring. I'm thinking maybe February or March at the latest. 

I added my Goodreads page for you to add RUSH INTO YOU to your To Be Read list. That would be amazing if you would =) I also added my Goodreads Author page, my Facebook, and my Twitter. If you have a minute and want to give those pages a Like and a Follow, that'd be great, too!

Before you know it, I will have my OWN BOOK participating in blog tours, release events, and cover reveals! I'll have my own book as a prize on the giveaways! Of course, I will still be promoting all the other authors and books that I always have on my page, so don't worry about that, I'll just be adding my own book into the mix!

Here is the Synopsis for RUSH INTO YOU. But, it's not the final synopsis. It's just a mock-synopsis for now, so readers have an idea of the book.


Gabby Carter’s easy-going, carefree life ended after one fateful night. When she needed her loved ones the most, they all turned their backs on her. The world as she knew it was over. 

Gone were the cheerleading competitions and debate tournaments, and in their place were heavy drug use and meaningless sex. Her high risk lifestyle helped numb her pain enough to deal with her existence. Until one day, those behaviors only made everything even worse…

She met Ryker Rosse at a local bar. He treated her with respect when everyone else barely treated her like a human being. But their night together ended all too soon. 

When they meet unexpectedly a year later when Gabby is clean and sober, she wonders if it may be for a reason. She’ll never be able to forget who she really is, or what she’s done…but, Ryker may be just the thing to help anchor her to the present and keep all the torturous reminders and realistic nightmares at bay. Or, he may be the one reminder of her past that sets her over the edge to fall back into her old ways.

Warning: This book contains adult content (graphic drug use, sex, and illicit language

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Alright, so here's some links! Please check them out!

Add RUSH INTO YOU on Goodreads!!

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