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Monday, October 15, 2012

COVER REVEAL: "Touching Eternity" by Airicka Phoenix

The day is FINALLY here! Today is Ms. Airicka Phoenix's COVER REVEAL for "Touching Eternity (Touch 1.5)" !! Aren't you excited? I am WICKED EXCITED! The cover is absolutely breathtaking! It is stunning :D and I know that everybody will love it!

Are you ready for it?? . . .

Are you sure? . . .

Can you handle the suspense?!?!

Well, I can't! So here it is!!

Isn't is just beautiful? I love the eyes and the gold sparkles and I want to know more about this beautiful girl on the cover. If I didn't already want to read this book because "Touching Smoke (Touch Series Book #1)" was so great and Airicka Phoenix was so fabulous, then this cover alone would make me pick up the book and read it!
Here is the Synopsis of "Touching Eternity (Touch 1.5)" by Airicka Phoenix:
What would you choose?

She had everything but freedom.
He had nothing but his loyalty, his wits and his training.

She was a prisoner, a disease, not fit for the world, and she didn't know why. But she did know she wasn't allowed to die, she wasn't allowed to live and she wasn’t sane.

He was a soldier, a protector, but his foundation will be tested when he must destroy the only light in his dark world.

Thrown together, prisoner and keeper, their rebellion will splinter through time, changing the course of history and the fate of the world. Their love will challenge their greatest enemy and immortalize them forever.

Loyalty. Freedom. Love.

What would you risk?

"Let me die."
Pain darkened his eyes. "Never."
Feel free to share this cover with everyone on your Facebook page, your Blog, Twitter, etc. Just use this page's link in your post and people will be able to come here and see it! It's so great, everyone needs to see it!

If you have not read the first book in the Touch Series yet, "Touching Smoke (Touch Series Book #1)" go on out and buy your copy now. Tell your friends too! Then, go on out and buy "Touching Eternity (Touch 1.5)" when it is released! I personally cannot wait to read this book! I know it will be fabulous :D !!

Here are a few pictures that you can use to help share Airicka's cover. Or...just to look at because they are so excellent!

Heres the banner:

And here is the Button:

I hope that you enjoyed Airicka Phoenix's cover reveal today for "Touching Eternity (Touch, 1.5)"~! I certainly did! Please leave your comments! I would definitely love to hear your feedback as would Ms. Airicka! xox

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  1. Thank you so much Brianna!! I adore you beyond words!! <33


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