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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 STAR REVIEW: "Deadly Obsession" - Kristine Cayne
I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.
Kristine Cayne is a very talented writer! I really enjoyed reading "Deadly Obsession" and I definitely believe this book deserves a top spot in the charts. I give this book 5 STARS for a multitude of reasons: Ms. Cayne has an amazing writing style, this book was perfectly paced, the characters were relatable and loveable, and the plot was great. I just felt "Deadly Obsession" was an overall great book and I loved every minute of it. This book has all the ingredients for the best-seller recipe: high school crushes, second chances, adult romances, love, hate, violence, obsession, guilt, and the deep dark secrets of the past. Put all this together with an incredibly sexy Hollywood movie star, a single mom who is a department store photographer, a bunch of fans, and a psycho stalker killer. Sound good yet? I thought so!
Nic "The Lover" Lamoreaux is one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars. He finds it very important to make as many movies as he can so he can make money to protect his secret. Then there is Lauren James, a department store photographer and single mother to a young son. After winning a photography contest, Lauren has the chance of a lifetime. She gets to be the sole photographer for a photo shoot with Nic "The Lover." It turns out that Lauren remembers Nic from high school and he had the starring role to all her naughty fantasies. Lauren is Nic's dream girl, and after discovering she really has talent, he decides to help her with her career. One thing leads to the next and Nic and Lauren fall in love. Problem is, one of Nic's fans doesn’t like Nic with any girl - especially not one he is actually in love with. This stalker calls herself NicsBitch and always happens to know everything. Small threats lead to serious matters, and things get ugly real quick. Nic doesn't think Lauren is safe with him anymore and wants to protect her and her son at all costs - even if the price is his heart. Who is this stalker and how do they know everything about Nic? What exactly do they want? Will Nic and Lauren find a way to be together? Was it ever really meant to be in the first place? Find out in this great 5 STAR book by Kristine Cayne "Deadly Obsession."
I thought the characters in this story were great! I instantly fell in love with Nic and Lauren. And this love was not just an insta-crush...nope I loved these characters more and more as the story went on. I found them relatable and just plain real! Even though Nic was this hot shot Hollywood actor, he just wanted a calm and normal life. He loved his fans, but he hated the Hollywood life. I also love Lauren’s character. She is a strong woman and single mother. She wants the best for her child and works hard to get it. I am a single mom so I really enjoyed that Lauren was too. And it kind of gives you hope that there are good men out there who want to be with you even if you already have a child. I liked that she was a strong character and knew what she wanted. I loved Nic and Lauren together. They made me smile, laugh, ooh and ahhh. But, I also got upset when outside forces were trying to tear them apart. I enjoyed the supporting cast as well. I really liked Remi, he was so funny! I thought Nic and Remi had a great friendship and they always made me laugh. I look forward to reading more about Remi in Kristine Cayne’s next installment of this series.
Altogether, I thought this book was great and I definitely recommend this 5 STAR book. I loved the suspense and the romance. It just went together perfectly! I just can’t get over how much I fell in love with Nic and Lauren. I was routing for them and wanted them to have their Happily Ever After. If you love Adult Romance, Suspense, Humor, and Thrills, then you will love “Deadly Obsession” by Kristine Cayne. I think everyone should check this book out – it was just that good!

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