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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4.5 STAR REVIEW: "Hidden" - P.C. and Kristin Cast

“Hidden (House of Night, #10)”
by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Neferet’s true nature has been revealed to the Vampyre High Council, so Zoey and the gang might finally get some help in defending themselves and their beloved school against a gathering evil that grows stronger every day. And they’ll need it, because Neferet’s not going down without a fight. Chaos reigns at the House of Night.






I borrowed this book from the library and this review is solely my honest opinion.
Hidden (House of Night Novels)I would recommend “Hidden” to people who read the other nine books in the “House of Night” series. For those who haven’t read the previous books, I suggest you give them a try. I would say this book is a Mature Young Adult, because most of it is YA, except for Aphrodite’s explicit language. Due to the language however I would say 18+. If you enjoy Paranormal/Fantasy books then I think you will like this. There is a little bit of romance and the good ol’ fashion love triangles, though it is not the main focus. “Hidden” is more about the battle between good and evil. Zoey and her crew must try and defeat their ex-High Priestess, Neferet, who turned to the Dark side. Throughout this extreme battle of Light and Dark, Zoey and the nerd-herd still have to deal with everyday teenage problems.
I am not going to give anything away about “Hidden,” but I am anxious to see where P.C. and Kristin Cast will take this story. How will they work the twists and surprises of “Hidden” into another novel? It’ll be fun to find out, that’s for sure! I cannot wait to see how each character will react to everything going on. Loyalties are tested, and relationships begin to strain – can the romance and friendships remain strong throughout the battle with Darkness?  I sure hope so, I want a happily ever after for Zoey and her crew. They deserve it. These gifted fledglings, vampyres, and their warriors have been through so much evil and Darkness that I think it is time they experience happiness and Light again. That’s not to say I want the books to end. It is one of those cases where you don’t want the series to end, but you want the characters to finally live in peace and happiness. Selfishly, I love all the action and drama though, so I’ll be excited if the authors produce a few more books.
This is the tenth book of the “House of Night” series. I started this series a while ago when all of the books except for “Destined” and “Hidden” were released. I liked being able to read everything one after another because events and details stayed fresh in my mind. I hate for there to be such a long break, but it is the way of the book world. At first when I started “Hidden” I had to try to remember what happened in the previous novels. It all came back to me right away after the first few pages though. I cannot wait to read the next book now. I want to read the next full novel, but I am excited to read the novella “Neferet’s Curse” as well. It will be neat to experience her real story first hand. I would like to learn her past and her true emotions compared to the pure evil we normally see.
Besides the “Twilight” saga, these books were one of the first series that jumpstarted my reading again. I was thankful for that because I have always loved reading, but as a teenager I was never home to read – I was always out partying. Since I started reading again, I haven’t stopped.
Check out “Hidden” by P.C. and Kristin Cast to enjoy a 4.5 STAR Paranormal New Adult story and find out if Light will prevail over Dark, how Zoey will deal with her everyday issues, and which man Zoey’s heart will choose.

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