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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 STAR REVIEWS: Jessica Park

*Here are my reviews for "Flat-Out Love" and "Flat-Out Matt" by Jessica Park! These books are definite 5 STAR stories. I love them so much and I definitely recommend them to readers who love New Adult Contemporary Romance. Check out my reviews now!*

“Flat-Out Love” by Jessica Park

I purchased this book, and this review is my honest opinion.

I absolutely LOVED this 5 STAR book! Everything about “Flat-Out Love” was amazing. Jessica Park is an incredibly talented author and her words kept me glued to the pages. I didn’t want to put this novel down, and hated when I had to. I would absolutely recommend “Flat-Out Love” to readers who enjoy New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Julie Seagle moves away from home to attend college in Boston. After an inconvenient apartment scandal, she luckily gets an invitation to live with a friend of her mother’s. The Watkins’ are a very eccentric family with major issues that are mostly hidden... until you step into their house. Enter the cardboard cut-out of the eldest brother (who is away traveling) that the teenage daughter is glued to. Then there is Matthew Watkins whom is the actual glue to the whole family. He takes care of everything while still maintaining genius grades at MIT. Julie knows there is something major that she is missing when it comes to this family; she wants to know what the underlying issue is to the Watkins’ family uniqueness. Julie goes with the flow of things in the household and becomes an important part of their daily life. Meanwhile, Julie is developing a solid relationship with Finn over the internet.

This is a story of love based on pure emotions. Looks play a very minor role in the relationship between Julie and Finn. They never met, though Julie has seen pictures of Finn. Their entire relationship has been built on Facebook, and they have an amazing connection. Julie is falling in love with this man that she never officially met. Then there is Matt, who Julie lives with. She likes him too. Things a bit awkward yet? Yes? Well, you haven’t seen a thing yet. You’ll need to read “Flat-Out Love” by Jessica Park to get the real scoop on how awkward these relationships really are. You’ll be blown away when secrets are revealed and pieces are put together to show the bigger picture. You won’t be disappointed, this book is amazing!

I loved the characters of “Flat-Out Love.” I loved their witty Facebook statuses. I loved Matt’s geeky t-shirts. I enjoyed Celeste’s quirkiness. I liked Finn’s sense of humor. And I loved how real Julie was. Author Jessica Park did a fabulous job with making her characters three dimensional. I even enjoyed the supporting characters throughout the novel. I think this author is so talented in her writing. The fact that I did not see the twist in this novel coming at all, is great. So many times I will be reading a good book, but everything was so predictable. I love how unpredictable this book is! I cannot wait to read the companion story “Flat-Out Matt” because I know it’ll be just as great. I know that “Flat-Out Love” will be a Romance that I will reread at some point in my life.

So, I completely recommend this 5 STAR New Adult Contemporary Romance novel, “Flat-Out Love” by Jessica Park for anyone looking for an amazing book that is different. If you want something that has a great romance, but with a unique story line then give this book a shot. I’m glad I read it, but upset that I waited so long to do so!

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“Flat-Out Matt” by Jessica Park

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My expectations were exceeded! This was a great companion novella to “Flat-Out Love.” It was awesome being able to experience the story from Matt’s point of view. There were so many times during “Flat-Out Love” that I wish I knew his thoughts. Jessica Park made that possible with this 5 STAR novella “Flat-Out Matt.”

I fell in love with Matty when I first met him in the beginning of “Flat-Out Love.” Regardless of his mistakes, I still think he is genuinely a great guy. He has a huge heart with so much love to give, but unfortunately his romantic life has been on hold for too long. Matt always puts everyone else before him. So when his parents were too out of it to take care of the family, Matt did. He was pretty much Celeste’s parent. When Julie Seagle came into his life, she helped ease his responsibilities just slightly. Celeste and Julie got along real well and had fun together, which just added even more to Julie’s appeal. Matt really likes Julie, and Julie likes Matt. Except, Julie likes Matt’s older brother Finn more. She’s falling for Finn, and Finn’s falling for her. What Julie doesn’t know, is that Matt is the one who is really talking to her on Facebook...not Finn. It wasn’t Matt’s intention to let things go as far as they did, he meant to tell her the truth. But, he was in too deep.

Join Matt in his side of the story in “Flat-Out Matt.” Whether or not you liked him in “Flat-Out Love” (I loved him!) you can’t help but feel for him in this companion novella. He’s human, and human’s make mistakes. The pretending to be Finn all started for his little sister’s sake anyway. Even though he knew it was wrong, he did it for her happiness. I personally think that took a lot of strength for Matt to do.

I enjoyed the bonus chapters the most in this book. Of course, I really liked seeing Matt’s point of view on scenes that happened during “Flat-Out Love” too. It was neat to see Julie and everything else through his eyes. But, being able to see Matt and Finn interact together before all hell broke loose in the Watkins’ house was magical. It was great seeing Matt so carefree and young, and I loved being able to meet Finn.

For people who have read “Flat-Out Love,” I highly recommend reading this novella “Flat-Out Matt” by Jessica Park. If you loved the first book, you won’t be disappointed with this companion novella. As I said, regardless of your feelings about Matt, you can’t help but feel for him in this book. Seeing everything through his eyes makes you see how vulnerable he really is behind his calm exterior. Read this 5 STAR novella now! Thanks for writing this book Jessica Park!

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*Thanks for stopping by my Blog and checking out my reviews! Leave your feedback in the comments and let me know what you thought of these books (if you read them) or if you are going to read them. I will definitely be reading more of Jessica Park's books in the future!! I have more reviews of others books coming soon. I am pretty behind since I have been writing my own book, but I will try and get everything up on my Blog soon! Happy Reading & Writing!! xoxo*

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