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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's Next for Colleen Hoover?!

This is from COLLEEN HOOVER'S website! I thought I'd share it with you! I just saw it and I know many of you are big fans of Colleen Hoover, just like I am! So if you were curious about what this talented author is working on, here is your answer!

"...I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the next two books I have coming out, so here’s some info on those again.
THIS GIRL (Tentatively titled) will be released in ebook at the end of April.  It’s a companion novel to Slammed, from Will’s point of view.  I’ve included scenes from SLAMMED that readers wanted to hear his point of view on, and also some modern-day stuff with Will and Lake.  It’s a nice wrap-up to the series and I’m so excited to finally have that available to readers.  Y’all have been very patient.
LOSING HOPE is a companion novel to HOPELESS, told from Holder’s pov.  Readers had a lot of questions about his background and what he was thinking during particular scenes in HOPELESS, so we’ll get those answers when the ebook releases in July.
And don’t forget that the ATRIA paperback of Hopeless will be in stores May 7th.  You can pre-order it here and have it delivered that day to your doorstep."

I pre-ordered Hopeless! I cannot wait to see her in Boston on March 16th! Finally something excited involving books and great authors will be close to home! I am sooo anxious to get there, the time is moving way to slowly! I cannot wait to read these companions novels to some of my all time favorite books! Colleen Hoover is sooo talented, I could read her books many times. I hope you enjoyed learning this bit of information, and remember I quoted this completely from Ms. Hoover's website, right here. Click that link there if you want to check out the entire post or to follow her site. She has hilarious posts, and is an amazing woman! I cannot wait to meet her and get her autograph! I plan on taking pictures and tweeting throughout the event, so stay tuned for that. Remember, March 16th. My twitter handle is @briannasreviews and my Facebook (they are linked together) is Brianna Lee Reviews (to add me as a friend) or like me page at Brianna Lee Book Reviews.

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