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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 STAR REVIEW: "Planning on Forever" - Ashley Wilcox

*Another Long Overdue Review!*

Series: The Forever Series, Book #1
Published: November 21st 2012
ISBN: 1481049208

My rating: 

via Goodreads:

Collin and Alexa are the perfect couple; gorgeous, popular and hopelessly in love. With graduation day nearing and college life on the horizon, Collin flirts with infidelity and loses everything he has with Alexa.

Brokenhearted and single, Alexa meets sexy Nolan Pratt. She can’t deny the attraction and pull that he has over her.

Not being able to accept the fact that he has lost Alexa forever, Collin focuses all his attention on his second love, football, in an attempt to move on.

Will Collin be able to win Alexa’s heart back or will he find that his first love isn’t the love of his life?

When I went into this novel, I was thinking it was going to be a sweet young adult romance. Although the characters were young, the subject and story were anything but. This is actually an erotica novel with young characters. Some of them are college students, which is no big deal to me since they are adults (and my age), but the steamy scenes involving the young high school girl is what originally threw me off. One other thing that we normally see in most novels - but I thought was really cool and different - was that our main characters didn't just stay with each other the entire novel. Most of the time, in traditional romances, there is one relationship (regardless of cheating or not). I liked that this book allowed the characters to broaden their horizons and find out if there really was someone out their that was better for them than their first love. I enjoyed reading from both Collin and Alexa's point of view. I liked seeing their own perspectives and stories, and also seeing how they intertwined. It was nice.

I'm an Ashley Wilcox fan and will continue to read her books. While posting this review, I have already read book two. I'm actually in the process of reading books three and four. I suggest checking out The Forever series if you are interesting in Contemporary Romance and Erotica.

4 out of 5 stars!

Happy Reading!

Author Bio
via Goodreads:

Through my addiction for reading, I've discovered my passion for writing. I'm a hopeless romantic, and love reading and writing about it.

~Read to love, and love to read~

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