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Monday, September 16, 2013

TEASERS/GUEST POST: "Only For You" - Marquita Valentine

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By: Marquita Valentine

Book Description:

Loose ends left loose for too long tend to strangle. Cole and Violet knew it wouldn’t be easy. They knew their relationship would take work. But when the press finds out about Violet Lynn’s newest boyfriend, they start digging. And when his past come to light, exposing all of his family’s secrets, their relationship begins to fray. 

Country Music’s Golden Boy, Jaxon Hunter, has it all, except the girl that got away. What she saw, she really didn’t. What she thought happened, he allowed her to believe for reasons so insane that no one would ever have believed him if he had confessed. But now that everything’s out in the open, he’s going to do his damndest to convince her that he’s the only one for her. 

Now Violet must choose between Jaxon— her first love and the guy she thought had cheated on her—and Cole—the guy who helped her heal and love again. 

Or will one of them make the decision for her?

Author’s Favorite Quotes from "Only For You" and Why
By Marquita Valentine
“Instead of crying, I smile wider. Instead of falling to my knees, I dance around on stage while launching into my next set. Instead of living with love, I’m learning to live on my own. Without love.” ~ Violet Rae   

I chose this quote because it pretty much encapsulates the mood of the opening scene in ONLY FOR YOU

“These are the times I can do no more than stare at her, because my thoughts have all piled up in my head, like a traffic jam on I-85. Only thing I can make out is a flashing sign that says, “Hot Woman ahead. Will turn your brain to mush for the next million miles.” ~ Cole 

I chose this quote, because while it pretty much sums up every man when his mind turns to mush, it especially reveals how much Rae affects Cole’s entire thought process.

“I’d envisioned a lifetime with Violet, with kids and everything that comes with being married. But I blew all that to hell, with one not-so-simple decision.” ~ Jaxon Hunter 

I chose this, because I actually give Jaxon’s POV in Only For You. I thought it was important to show his side of things…well, most of it. 

“Once all those girls get a look at him, he’ll be pinned on Pinterest Boards faster than I can say Man Candy.” ~Violet Rae 

I chose this scene, because I feel like this gives a little glimpse into what they as a couple can expect now that their relationship is out in the open. 

“Once the thought of a guy like Cole or Jaxon being jealous would have thrilled me down to my toes, but now, it only makes my heart ache. Jealousy hurts—it pinches at your heart until all the love bleeds out and nothing’s left but resentment and anger.” ~ Violet Rae  

I chose this because I felt like this shows how much Rae has grown since her relationship with Jaxon, and how much jealous can hurt us all.

“Then she pats me on the cheek, the most physical contact I’ve had from her in years, and the little boy inside of me wants to go after her. Wants to hug her and ask her why. But the man I’ve become won’t let him, because neither of us will like her answer.” ~ Cole

I chose this because it breaks my heart when I think about the relationship Cole desperately wants with his mother, yet will never have.

“As soon as we touch, something comes over me. It’s like I can feel her, everywhere. I want this girl, but I can’t have her. Mainly, because the girl I’m supposed to want is standing right beside her, wishing she were back in the arms of the guy she really loves. But all I see is Bliss Davenport.”~ Jaxon Hunter on the first time he meets Bliss. 

I chose this, because I love it when a plan DOESN’T come together. 

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