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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Let’s start off by saying the first thing that caught my attention about this book was the cover. Can you say HOT?! It was very sexy. It definitely made me want to turn the pages and find out about the couple on the cover. And, let me tell you that I was not disappointed in what I discovered. I give this Adult Paranormal Romance a solid 4 STARS, I will definitely be checking out more from Kym Grosso, including the next novel in the 'Immortals of New Orleans' series, “Luca’s Magic Embrace.”

I really liked the characters in “Kade’s Dark Embrace.” Detective Sydney Willows was a kick-ass female lead that was admirably strong. She thought she knew exactly what she wanted in life and in the love department, until she met a certain sexy vampire that was working a murder case with her. Sydney had an instant attraction to Kade, the sexy vampire, even though she started off not being so nice to him. Kade also had an immediate attraction to Sydney and wanted to claim her. I loved Kade’s character; he was an old-school romantic vampire that was also badass. Eventually, after spending more time with each other on the investigation, Sydney began to soften towards Kade even though she forever remained her stubborn self. True feelings were revealed and through the heat and drama of the investigation, a bond was formed. Sydney and Kade combined both human traditions as well as vampire customs for their relationship. I really liked watching their relationship progress throughout the story; I loved the steamy, adult, romance scenes. Besides Kade and Sydney, I found Luca’s character intriguing. I wanted to know more about him and enjoyed the scenes that he was a part of. I was really excited when I found out the next book in Kym Grosso’s series was based on Luca. I will definitely be reading that book, “Luca’s Magic Embrace,” to find out more about him.

So, Adult Paranormal Romance fans, give “Kade’s Dark Embrace” by Kym Grosso a chance! Ms. Grosso did a good job writing this book and I think it can only get better as the 'Immortals of New Orleans' series continues!


I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Oh My Gosh! This book is definitely one of my absolute favorite books ever! I loved everything about "Beautiful Disaster" so much - the characters, the plot, the setting, the whole story! I would absolutely love it if "Beautiful Disaster" was turned into a movie; I know it would become a Hollywood bestseller! I found myself wanting to be in the book with these characters. I actually felt myself get involved with them. I read this book in a matter of one day in a couple sittings, so all together it was really only a matter of hours. I would give this book easily 5 STARS! Jamie McGuire, formerly a self-published author, definitely deserves her new spot with Simon and Schuster - Atria Books. Congrats Ms. McGuire! You earned it!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the characters in this Contemporary Romance novel! Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox and Abby Abernathy were amazing! Travis, a popular tattooed bad boy, is the champion underground fighter at his University. Every girl wants to be with Travis, and every guy wants to be him – except Abby, at least in the beginning. Travis was instantly attracted to Abby because she seemed resistant to his charms, and soon they became best friends. Abby, whom was running from her own troubled past, was so set on the fact that she shouldn't be with a guy like Travis that she kept denying her true feelings for him. Eventually, the truth came out and Travis and Abby became romantically involved. Travis' behavior made a complete 180 and everyone from their college was just waiting for him to treat Abby like he used to treat girls. But, Travis was so head over heels in love with Abby, he stayed faithful to her. Of course, like with every relationship, they had their share of drama and breakups. But, love conquers all in this story and there was definitely a Happily Ever After in Travis and Abby's cards!

I liked the college setting in "Beautiful Disaster." Being at the college age myself I enjoyed reading about situations I could relate with. I also love bad boys that are really good and sweet at heart, so I was completely in love with Travis' character. I also could relate somewhat with Abby's character in the sense of wanting to start over and not have everyone know about the past. Everyone in "Beautiful Disaster" was just amazing. I really appreciated the supporting cast and liked Travis' cousin Shepley, and his girlfriend America (Abby's best friend). Like I said previously, I just wanted to be in this novel with these characters.

If you are someone who is looking for an amazing read and likes Romance with the college age group, I strongly suggest Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster." I will definitely read more books by Ms. McGuire; I really liked her writing style. This 5 STAR book will not leave you disappointed; it will leave you aching for more!


“Life Before Death” by Matt Frend

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Life Before Death” was not the typical read for me. However, I was very pleased with the outcome of this book. The entire novel makes you think – it definitely made me ponder a few things. This novel was about serious matters, but I still had a good time reading it. The imagery was amazing and I actually felt like I was there in Australia; I always wanted to visit there and now I do even more. It was almost as if I were on my own road trip through the Australian Country. I give this book 4 stars!

I enjoyed the characters of this novel. I especially liked Mandi and Robyn and the conversations they would have. They had such strong opinions and were very deep thinkers and I found myself wanting to know what they were going to say throughout the story. I like that each character stayed true to who they were regardless of what the norm was. They wanted to live life their way and not according to what the government thought was the right thing. Mandi and her friends thought certain laws didn’t make sense and didn’t understand why society was forced to act a certain way. They made plans to go on a road trip and decided to grow their own cannabis because the government made hemp illegal. The friends had a lot of ups and downs on their trip – partying and hanging out with friends, as well as run-ins with the authorities. Mandi even had a vision that made her question everything and want to know the age old questions of, “Why are we here?”

Join author Matt Frend in his well-written novel “Life Before Death” to experience the road trip with Mandi and her friends. Find out the result of the cannabis they are growing, and see if they can get away with it. Also, learn what the characters opinions on life and society are. You may find yourself asking some questions of your own as well!

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